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5 Steps To Effectively Promote Your Employees

Our consultants have seen a fair share of top talent leaving their companies for the lack of advancement opportunities. This situation will apply to your organization if there has not been any promotion plan in place for your employees. Read more

This Is Why You Should Focus On Candidate Experience

Too often the term “recruiting” is seemed to involve only collecting CVs, interviewing and selecting. According to Navigos Search’s recruiting experts, the war for talent has become more intense than ever before, and recruiting has evolved to embrace ‘experience improvement’ as an imperative to attract top talent. Read more

Tips To Effectively Find And Hire Passive Job Candidates

Passive candidates are deemed a ‘golden treasure’ in recruitment. Being as much as 80 per cent satisfied with their jobs (LinkedIn, 2014), they are an asset to the companies they work for. This is why hiring passive candidates remains a tricky part of the recruitment process. Read more

Create an effective career pivot for new sales managers

Many newly promoted sales managers do not have formal training to master the skills they need. Given the importance of an effective career pivot for frontline sales manager, we at Navigos Search recommend you bear in mind the following factors for sales management training courses. Read more