Rameet Chowdhary, Sales & Marketing Team, AustraliaRameet Chowdhary, Sales & Marketing Team, Australia

Rameet Chowdhary

Head of Sales & Marketing
TeamSales & Marketing Team
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Rameet Chowdhary

Head of Sales & Marketing

Specialty and Market Coverage

As Head of Sales and Marketing for en world Australia, Rameet currently manages a team of individuals responsible for recruiting “industry-best” sales talent across multiple industries that include logistics, industrial, engineering, FMCG, packaging, automation, mining and heavy industry.

On the recruitment front, Rameet has headed up some of Australia’s largest sales recruitment projects, designed and developed award winning talent acquisition and retention solutions and managed some of Australia’s largest sales and marketing recruitment businesses.


Gaining experience as an entrepreneur, selling his first business at 26, Rameet has worked with many SMEs as a General Manager, Executive Recruiter and as a Business Coach. He assists business owners in making the right decisions around growth, sales development, rationalisation, leadership and performance. Rameet’s experiences extend to include developing industry recognised sales enablement solutions for corporate entities and assisting organisations re-structure their business. Some of these programs have received industry-wide recognition based on practicality, innovation and revenue outcomes.

Message To Candidates

My approach to recruitment is somewhat unorthodox. I feel that aligning candidates to job vacancies requires a deeper approach taking into consideration psychological and circumstantial factors.
Defining their criteria for their next position is the first stage in understanding exactly what they want. Most candidates find this stage of the process to be quite empowering.
This criteria may take form as follows:
1. Minimum salary of $150k (based on financial commitments)
2. Limited travel (in support of family commitments)
3. Greater strategic input job wise
By genuinely taking a vested interest in their personal circumstances and linking their professional goals to their personal goals – I position myself as a Personal Coach/Mentor.
Given the time and effort on my part, and as part of my criteria – I only work exclusively with candidates.