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Development Manager, Japan (Contract)

Unique Real Estate position at Start-up!

Category Construction & Development
Salary 7 - 9 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# AMINT 3994650
Post Date 2014-07-23
Acquisition, Due Diligence and Initial Feasibility activity
- Support the Executive, Development Director and Head of Business Information to identify new market opportunities, supply and demand characteristics, market feasibility analysis and sourcing new development opportunities in key market locations
- Assist in the Due Diligence, review and feasibility assessment of all new opportunities
- Assist in the relevant legal activity relating to land Acquisition
- Support property concept Design, Planning and relevant Municipality approvals
- Assemble an appropriate project design team and develop concept design proposals in line with the Board Approved Initial Feasibility assessments
- Support the Development Director in establishing the appropriate procurement strategy for the project
- Ensure that the Development appraisal is updated to reflect any changes in design or key project assumptions assessing and minimizing the impact on the key project financial metrics
- In conjunction with the Finance Team, prepare and keep up to date a project development cost report measuring the forecast out-turn costs against the board approved cost and monitoring project commitments and expenditure
Design Development and Procurement
- Manage the Design team to ensure that the design is developed and detailed accurately and sufficiently to procure the Building Contractor(s) in line with the procurement strategy
- Support as appropriate the Development Director in the procurement and contract agreements with the Building Contractor(s) in line with the procurement strategy
商業施設管理部門 スタッフ


Category Property Management
Salary 5 - 6 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# AMINT 3965634
Post Date 2014-07-21
1 ファシリティ業務
・ 施設設備管理、清掃、駐車場、保安警備等BM業者との折衝
・ 年間予算の策定、予実報告
・ 防災計画の監修、防災訓練の計画・実施、緊急時対応
・ 事故等の対応・示談交渉、保険金請求業務
・ 施設内管理工事の提案・監修
・ 長期修繕工事計画の策定
・ テナント運営管理、各種許可申請の確認、承認、管理業務
2 オペレーション業務
・ テナント従業員の指導教育計画立案、実施
・ テナントに関する各種会議・会合の運営
・ クレーム対応、近隣渉外対応、警察・消防・保健所対応
3 その他付随業務全般
新設DCのファシリティーマネジャー 大阪


Category Real Estate / NPL
Salary 8 - 10.5 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Kansai
Ref.# SOKUN 3744753
Post Date 2014-07-21
Consulting Associate Director


Category Project Management
Salary 8 - 12.5 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# MOGAS 3810945
Post Date 2014-07-19
1) 顧客のあらゆる不動産ニーズの相談窓口となるようなカバレッジ業務
2) 英語力および海外ネットワークを駆使したクロスボーダー案件のエグゼキューション
3) 不動産金融のスキルを活かした新規業務の開拓


Category Project Management
Salary 7 - 10.5 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# MHASH 3883225
Post Date 2014-07-18
Store Planning and Design

Great opportunity for Interior Designer

Category Project Management
Salary 5 - 7 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# AMINT 3750995
Post Date 2014-07-18
* Control the budget and to set the goal of Stores Properties Planning
* Keep the brand image and concept, lead the local project to construct and renovate
* Manage and control store development, project management and property management
* Make and control an annual budget
* Prepare the 3-years investment cost of store development
* Set up the policy of local property management
* Liaising closely with other departments and headquarter to achieve the company goal
* Delegate/ assign the job to the concerned members to achieve the goal
* Create efficient and productive job methods to advance the job smoothly
* Researching and updating the local market and trend of Interior/ Architect
* Negotiate the terms, condition, exterior / interior design regulation with developers
* Preparing the site survey and local regulation document to headquarter
* Checking various infrastructure and maintenance situation in sites
* Managing and controlling the schedule to open the store in period
* Controlling the quality of site construction and fixture to keep the brand image
* Holding and managing the bit system, and select construction company with headquarter
* Creating smooth communications with cooperative companies
* Obtaining international materials from overseas suppliers
* Negotiating the construction and manufacturing cost with developers and cooperative companies
不動産投資部(アクイジション/リテール) マネージャー


Category Acquisitions
Salary 5 - 9 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# MOGAS 4010826
Post Date 2014-07-17

ショッピングモール リーシング担当

Category Property Management
Salary 6 - 9.5 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# MOGAS 4010947
Post Date 2014-07-17
1) 既存/新規テナントのマネジメント業務
- テナント運営マニュアル、チェックリスト等のテナントマネジメント業務に関するポリシー類のアップデート、遵守の指導
- テナント誘致/契約交渉のサポート
- テナント契約業務(契約更新、新規契約締結に際しての社内審査等のプロセスマネジメント)
- テナントの窓口として、各種要請などの一次対応
2) テナントマネジメントに関する方針/施策の企画・立案のサポート、資料作成


Category Other
Salary 6.5 - 11.5 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# SSHIB 3674086
Post Date 2014-07-17
Tenant Representative

Professional real estate advisory

Category Asset Management
Salary 5 - 9 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# AMINT 3035464
Post Date 2014-07-17
* Provide high quality, professional Tenant Representation services to clients
* Typical services include developing Master Plan occupancy strategies, advising clients, and implementing business decisions including lease acquisition, providing advice on lease renewal/restructure, lease disposition or other related services
* Tenant Representation process includes site search and selection, building due diligence, negotiation of commercial terms and conditions and negotiation of lease documentation
* Other work to include qualitative and quantitative analysis of options, strategic planning, lease administration and general advisory services
* Marketing the professional services and development of new client relationships
* Role may entail domestic travel for client requirements
Real Estate Manager

Manage Luxury Stores (Real Estate)

Category Construction & Development
Salary 10 - 12 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# MOGAS 3933767
Post Date 2014-07-13
> Gather property information in response of request from Brands.
> Enter into LOI and negotiate conditions
> Support preparation of opening BTQ
> Rent negotiation at the time of contract renewal, and negotiate conditions for BTQ relocation and temporary BTQ.
> Gather information related to real estate
> Organize other real estate related information
> Facility management related to BTQ (including BTQs in Dept store)
> Other matters directed by GA senior manager where necessary
Senior Project Manager

Senior position in growing division

Category Real Estate / NPL
Salary 8 - 13.5 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# AMINT 3795741
Post Date 2014-07-11
As Project Manager, Project Management, Japan, you shall work to effectively promote the companies capabilities and expand market share through both global client relationships and local Japan marketing efforts. Roles and responsibilities to include:
a) Overall management of a specific project, or a combination of projects
b) Leadership in liaison with Client and overall coordination of project reporting and deliverables such as design, scheduling, budgeting and construction management. Responsible to manage projects under their control to ensure completion within time, cost and quality parameters as deemed acceptable to the Client and Department Head of Project Management
c) Leadership in the coordination with Consultants, Contractor/ s and Vendors
d) Development of Project scheduling; schedule tracking and update; generation of, and presentation of, Weekly/ Monthly reports; generation of project progress review project tracking documents and meeting minutes
e) Risk control forecasting and management
f) Ongoing assistance to Senior Management to encourage best practice as well as seeking business development opportunities in the local/ regional marketplace
g) Desire to become a part of the project management division within a long-established and top class real estate company
h) Participation in professional advancement and learning activities as required by the Company


Category Property Management
Salary 3.5 - 5.5 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Kanagawa
Ref.# TSHIM 3985678
Post Date 2014-07-09


Category Construction & Development
Salary 4 - 7 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# MOGAS 3929413
Post Date 2014-07-09
- 3から4店舗の新規ストア開発における施工管理
- 予算管理
- 施主として施工業者との調整
Construction Manager


Category Construction & Development
Salary 5 - 9 M¥
Work Type Permanent
Location Tokyo
Ref.# MOGAS 3925510
Post Date 2014-06-23
●the leadership and management of the Construction department and the satisfactory delivery of all its tasks.
●ensuring that appropriately competent resources are available to manage all construction projects from start to finish.

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